Saturday, December 20, 2014

Twenty Fourteen

I feel super nostalgic looking back over this year of photos.  Babies grow so quick!  I can barely catch the resemblance between Garland last summer, and the one sitting next to me as I type.  

For sure this has been a challenging year.  For the first time, I've experienced the pull between parenting and work-from-not-home-life.  The stretch has tested my reserves, but we made it to the end!  And everyone is still in one piece, so I think we can claim our success.

One thing that has felt pretty good is working towards just a few, very specific goals.  I can't say I've fully achieved every one, but in each of those areas there has been definite, marked progress, and that's more than I can say for most years.  Boom!

Here's to a new year of growth and change (and a few days left to you know, get ready for all that...).